Strategy Consulting

The domain of strategy consulting focuses on supporting clients with the development of corporate unit strategies and business policies. At TalentPundits, our strategy consulting services cover – Sales Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Organisational Strategy, Functional Strategy, and Online Marketing Strategy.  Our team works closely with our clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organisation. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning, process design, and alliance management. We also help your business create new sources of revenue growth by working with you to – develop strong innovation processes, fill your innovation pipeline with new products and services, and create distinctive functional strategies.

Our strategy consulting services can help you tap the full potential of your workforce. We offer deep expertise and experience in organizational design, leading-edge solutions, innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development.

Management Consulting

Management consulting is conducted at the organisation’s highest level to develop and implement the broadest, most pivotal decisions. It’s an ongoing process that mainly focuses on crafting tailor-made strategies that are grounded in facts and available data. At TalentPundits, we bring well recognized and proven methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems, serve as the basis for recommendations, and create more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks. Primarily, we help our clients make big-picture decisions, rapidly gain exposure to industries, and collaborate with great teams. We function as bridges for information and knowledge, engage proactively to find hidden weakspots and improve performance, and solve problems identified by external stakeholders. We also provide organizational change management, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, management development, and operational improvement skills.

Sales Consulting

At TalentPundits, we combine business intellect with strong technological aptitude to provide solutions that extend well beyond software implementations. Our expertise in the analysis, development, and implementation of sales processes will drive synergy within your organisation, increase your user adoption of technology investments, and drive growth. We help you with – end-to-end sales process definition & implementation, customer retention program, sales team structure, capability development, sales compensation, sales performance measurement, sales forecasting, sales technology planning, and customized coaching and mentoring programs.

All aspects of sales performance, organizational structure, and operations can be enhanced by working side by side with our clients to ensure timely transformational success and the business outcomes that characterize that success. Our services enable you to improve and accelerate sales performance by determining the right processes and enablers to – maximize the commercial team’s effectiveness, realize sales gains, and align the sales and marketing processes with the customer and market strategy throughout the sales cycle. We advise and support management teams on establishing the right infrastructure to root out sales productivity drains, align incentives, and ultimately drive sales growth.

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