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Human Resource Services

We at TalentPundits offer personalised human resource service, practices, and compliance techniques that drive business strategy, meets legal requirements, boost productivity, and impact the overall performance of the organisation. Our job is to make employment compliance and HR management more efficient for our clients.

We help you gain an advantage over your competitors through effective HR training, coaching, and outsourcing solutions. Our well-established depth of expertise and research allows us to fulfill human resource leaders’ varied needs. We bring function-specific insights to client challenges around talent acquisition, succession management, and leadership development. Our services include –

HR Business Process Consulting

At TalentPundits we use our extensive experience in optimizing HR business processes to provide efficient HR services like practice assessments, system integration & optimisation, and HR and Leadership process management.

A thoughtful and efficient set of underlying business processes (HR policies, HR procedures, and HR reports) is the cornerstone of any successful HR automation initiative. We use our years of experience in HR environments to deliver a custom business process assessment of your HR environment and offer constructive recommendations based on proven best practices. We take an in-depth view of the organisation’s current methods that are being used for capturing and utilizing employee data. Our HR-experts are well versed with the industry and are the best in their field. They actively work with our clients and help them review and improve their practices. This saves time and money, leads to better regulatory compliance, higher employee satisfaction, optimisation of existing support staff, and higher level of service for all employees.

Employee Climate Surveys

We at TalentPundits conduct Employee Climate Surveys that are used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company’s success in communicating its mission to the employees or general issues such as the quality of the working environment. Our surveys cover various HR aspects like – creativity, innovation, satisfaction, interpersonal relations, functional expertise, compensation, benefits, customer service, communication, analytical thinking, leadership, and team work. We analyse the needs, goals, and objectives of the organization and the employees, conduct structured meetings to gather qualitative information relevant to the survey development, and develop a survey instrument by synthesizing the information gathered from the meetings and other documents available. We use this information to create an iterative questionnaire. We review, examine, and critique the questionnaire, ensure the confidentiality of the participants, and we finally use all the relevant data to prepare an interpretative report. This allows our clients to understand their organisation and carefully formulate HR policies regarding – employee development programs, management/employee relations, customer satisfaction, employee training, and performance assessment.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure an individual’s cognitive capabilities and behavioural style. At TalentPundits, we have tie-ups with professionals who conduct psychometric tests. These tests are specially designed to measure a candidate’s suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). Our clients can use the information collected from the psychometric tests to identify the hidden aspects of the candidates that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interview and assess their intelligence, skills, and personality.  Our prime objective is to carefully identify at an early stage whether the job applicants are unlikely to fit the requirements of the position on offer and consequently narrow down the search. Our psychometric tests are very reliable and effective in predicting a candidate’s future performance, providing an accurate evaluation of the applicant, and conducting the organisation’s HR and recruitment processes with ease.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a fundamental concept in the effort to understand and describe, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the nature of the relationship shared between an organization and its employees. A highly engaged workforce is more likely to retain top performers as well as attract new talent. Engaged employees have a positive attitude towards the organization and its values. They look at the company as a whole and understand their purpose, where, and how they fit in. This leads to better decision-making. At TalentPundits we assist your organization in developing an engaged workforce and outperforming your competitors. We help your company construct effective employee engagement strategies and value-driven, employee-centric cultures.

We conduct customized and meaningful activities, training programs, strategies, initiatives, and employee engagement surveys that are statistically validated and benchmarked against other organizations.  We look at the statistical patterns across all groups in your organisation to determine which items are impacting overall engagement within each demographic group.  Next, we ask targeted follow-up question to identify the areas that need improvement. We focus on taking initiatives and changing the engagement strategy at weaker points and assist you in taking the appropriate action.

Professional Counselling

At TalentPundits, we provide professional counselling services where we act as a professional consultant or an advisor to operate directly on the client’s specific problem. This work is a combined effort that is performed together with the client and an external panel of professional counsellors. We listen carefully to the client, ask him/her questions, and after a joint discussion of all possible solutions to the problem, we collectively select the best decision for the organisation. We work as a counsellor with people who have psychological difficulties with their profession or issues in their workplace. As a counsellor, we listen to the client’s problems neutrally – without judging or evaluating the actions and thoughts of the client. We actively discuss all possible options, recommend solutions to the problem, and then we help the client choose the most appropriate path of action for them. All consultations are strictly confidential. We work with clients on strategies to overcome obstacles, personal challenges and conflicts that they face and accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

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