What is this Resume Writing service?

Our Resume Writing service offers you the opportunity to get a ready, professionally-created and impactful resume that you can circulate to potential employers / recruiters. Our writers are experienced professionals, specifically skilled in the latest trends and best practices of resume writing. What you get is a resume document of superior quality, which will definitely boost your employment search.

What benefits can I get by availing of this service?

Your resume is the first step in your journey toward your dream job. We, at Talent Pundits, are aware of the criticality of a professionally written resume in this journey. Hence this service – to boost your progress and give you a starting advantage over other candidates for the same position.

With an impactful resume, you will:

  • Create a lasting positive impression on potential employers
  • Put forth a clear picture of your key strengths, skills, and expertise
  • Highlight your profile as the right match for the given position

How many years of experience does your company have in Resume Writing?

This specific activity of Resume Writing is a recent addition to our offerings. However, our company Talent Pundits has been in the placement domain for more than 5 years. All our professionals – including the Resume Writing team – has extensive relevant experience with careers spanning 15+ years.

Do you provide job guarantee?

The Job Services product does not provide job guarantee. It only offers expert job search assistance.  What you get is a professionally created resume from experts, so that you get an advantage over other candidates during resume screening. We also help arrange 3 interview calls for you in the stipulated time. If we are unable to provide that number of interview calls, the relevant amount is refunded.

I have already taken this service from another company. Is my resume still not in a good shape?

We understand that other companies also offer Resume Writing services, and it is up to your discretion where to avail this service from.

However, please note that ours is a personalized and holistic process, wherein we understand from you your career aspirations, how you would like to project your profile and get to know you as a professional. Only after we have gathered all this information through a personal chat with you, do we begin to create your resume. Our resume captures your strengths and key skillsets such that your profile comes across as solid and best suited for the position.

I would like to talk with your Resume Writing team before I decide.

As per our company process, our Resume Writing team will get in touch with you following payment. Once you have signed up with us, we will arrange a discussion with the assigned writer as part of the paid delivery process. You can rest assured that our entire team is experienced and equipped with the necessary expertise to craft a winning resume for you. Any of our writers assigned to you will deliver superior quality output.


Meanwhile, if you have any queries, feel free to reach us at info@talentpundits.com or 020-12345678. Our customer care team will be happy to answer all your questions.

After payment, when will the Resume Writing team contact me?

After the payment confirmation, you will receive a call from our Resume Writing team within 2 working days. The entire process up to your final resume will take around 8 working days.

Within how much time will I receive the basic draft of my resume?

Once you’ve had the first discussion with our Resume Writing team, you will receive basic draft of resume within 3 working days.

How much time will you take to give me the final resume?

Our skilled Resume Writing team will require at least 8 working days to create your final resume since talking with you. The first draft will be sent to you within 3 working days. This writing process requires careful attention to details and careful presentation of your profile – involving time and effort.

Please note that we also offer Express services for any urgent requirements you may have – without compromising on quality in any way. You will get the same high quality output as with our regular services. This service is offered where the turnaround time is critical and you have a very tight deadline. You can contact our Customer Care at info@talentpundits.com or 020-12345678 to know more.

Can I request changes in the draft you send me?

Yes, of course, we accommodate the changes you may require. We understand you may want certain edits in the draft we create. We give you sufficient time to review and suggest changes after we send out your first draft.

Do you offer any discount on our pricing? Your cost seems high to me.

Our Resume Writing team comes with significant experience and expertise. Their skills are superior as compared to other competitors. Having said that, we do offer a discount of 15% if you avail of two services from us. If you take more than 2 services, we offer 20% discount.

What is the payment process?

We accept payments through a crossed cheque, or digital payment through a reputed third party payment gateway, and direct account transfers — ensuring highest security for all transactions. We do not accept cash payments.

Is a refund available if I decide to not go ahead with your service?

If you cancel your request within 24 hours of paying for the service, we will refund 100% of the amount (excluding taxes, if any).